13 Bad Habits That Probably Harm You Without Realizing it

#3 : Always saying yes”

is a thing today. By doing so, you become more open to the world and don’t waste opportunities. But at the same time, by always saying “yes”, you can do yourself a disservice! “Can you finish this report for me?”, “Yes!” “Could you pick my things from the dry cleaner’s? I’m going out with a friend”.

“Of course!” Um, see what I mean? That’s why it’s rather do what you want to do and don’t do what you don’t want to. And even if you know how to solve someone’s problem, it doesn’t mean you HAVE to solve it.

#4 : Drinking too much Liquid is actually Unhealthy !

Drinking too much liquid is actually unhealthy! And by liquid, I mean not only water but also tea, coffee, juices, and even soup! The main problem is your kidneys: they can process no more than 34 oz of liquid per hour. That’s why when you drink a lot of water in a short period of time, you put your heal that risk!

Anyway, you SHOULD drink a glass of water right after waking up. It starts your digestive system. And you SHOULD drink more water if you feel tired: exhaustion is one of the symptoms of dehydration

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