Kitchen Safety Rules For Kids Who Cook

1- Read through the whole recipe before starting. This will help you to know how long it will take and the ingredients and equipment required to make the recipe.

2- Wear an apron and tie your hair back. It is important to keep your clothes from getting dirty and the hair out of food.

3- Avoid spreading germs –wash and dry your hands well before you start and wash often as you cook. You must wash hands after handling raw poultry and meat as they may contain germs that could make you sick. You must also keep cutting boards and other utensils that touch raw poultry and meat separate from other foods for the same reason.

4- Assemble all the ingredients out on the table before you start. Grate, shred and chop ingredients, and measure them into bowls. It makes the cooking process a lot easier!

5- Follow recipe steps exactly. If the recipe requires that milk be chilled, it must be cold.

6- Avoid putting hot things directly onto the work surface. Always use a sturdy wooden board, mat, or a trivet.

7- Wash all the fruits and vegetables before cooking or eating.

8- Always check the “used-by” and “best before” dates on all ingredients. Avoid using out-of-date foods.

9- If you cannot reach the countertop, use a wooden step or sturdy stool to help.

10- Get help! Even if you have cooked before and you know a lot about cooking, please have an adult nearby to help.

11- Close all the drawers and cabinet doors to avoid bumping into them.

12- Wipe up any spills. Wet spots can be slippery.

13- Pick up knives by their handle and avoid pointing them at anyone. ALWAYS use a knife when an adult is around and with permission.

14- Keep electric cords away from the sink, oven and stove top.