Why Meal Prep? what’s the advantages?

Preparing meals ahead is the best way to stay on top of your health goals and make the most of your time and money. You’ll buy and eat food with intention instead of grabbing unhealthy meals on the go.

Save Time

Instead of getting ready dinner from scratch each nighttime or scambling to make lunches in the morning, you can get your ingredients for the week geared up in simply a few hours on the weekend. Meal prepping for the week will take 2 to 3 hours, relying on the recipes. As with anything, the greater you meal prep, the faster you will become.

Save Money

Meal prepping skill no greater steeply-priced lunches out or last-minute takeout orders. With all of your foods organized in advance, you’ll have no cause to cease and purchase some thing unhealthy on your way home. Customized purchasing lists for every layout imply you won’t overbuy food, and you won’t throw away unused ingredients.

Eat Well

Having ingredients ready to go makes it greater possibly that you’ll consume what you intend to eat, no longer what sounds right in the moment. This doesn’t imply you’ll solely eat “diet food.” It does imply that you’ll have foods in realistic portions, made with whole-food components and balanced macro-nutrients.

Won’t I get bored eating the same thing every day for a week?
To keep things interesting, you will be rotating your lunch and dinner every day.

What if I cook for more than one person?
You can either scale up the recipes as needed, or meal prep more frequently, every few days instead of once a week. You can also choose to use meal prep for only one or two meals per day.

What if I want to eat out?
You can! Meal prep will help you eat out when you want to, not because you have no other choice. Most recipes freeze well, so you can freeze a meal you didn’t eat and enjoy it later.