How To Make Pierogi

You have the mood, time and the dough. The stuffing is ready. So, it is the time for the final step – the Pierogi creation. There is no strict rule or method of how to cook. But we have found the optimal one. It is really simple and is more about the kid’s game than about the technique.

Flour the surface. This step is crucial, but you do not need to cover the table with a white sandy blanket, just a transparent veil. If it is not floured, Pierogi will stick and fall apart in the while boiling. It’s more convenient to work with smaller parts rather than with the whole dough ball at a time. So, cut off a part from the dough and roll out with a rolling pin until thin. Cut circles with a round biscuit cutter or a simple glass.

Stretch out the dough a little at a time until there is enough space to put the filling. The size only depends on your taste. The canonical ones fit 3 in your palm, but for Pierogi the size does not matter at all. Now, with a teaspoon, fill the centre of the dough circle with filling and fold the dough over. Pinch the edges tight with floured fingers to form a crescent. There are some plastic and silicone tools for Pierogi creation, but we prefer the hand-made old-fashioned style. It’s something emotional in uneven sizes, small holes and different pinching. Moreover, this step could be easily turned into a family activity everyone adores.


After the Pierogi are ready to be boiled, you may either cook them at once or freeze for future. They will not change taste or form even after a week or two. But please mind not to warm them before cooking when previously frozen, they do not need this.

Let’s say you want to savour the freshly made Pierogi at once. Put about a dozen in a boiling salty water and stir once easily to loosen them. Let them boil until floating to the top of the pot and for one more minute. The actual cooking time depends on the size and the thickness of the dough so this part is totally flexible.

When the Pierogi are ready, serve them into the plates, dress with the sauce, butter or something you like !