9 Most Common Dog Health Issues (How to Avoid and Treat These Diseases)

Knowing the most common health problems of dogs can help you avoid them, recognize them early and treat them effectively in your dog, some dog health problems are statistically more common among all breeds and the scientific literature shows that the nine health problems below are what the majority of pet owners will likely have to deal with sooner or later.

#1 : Skin problems

Skin problems are probably the most common health problem faced by dog owners, which is not surprising in that there are more than 160 different skin disorders that dogs can suffer from. . The usual symptoms of skin disorders in dogs include scratches, sealants and licking of the skin, as well as visual signs. The skin may appear inflamed, red or flaky. Any abnormality in the appearance of your dog’s skin and any abnormality can be a sign of a skin condition.

 # How to avoid it (Prevention) #: 

# How to cure it # : 

The treatment of skin problems  is usually done with topical creams, ointments and oral medications. Due to the presence of more than 160 different skin conditions, their severity and treatment plans vary considerably. However, it is also important to always treat the underlying cause. Take your dog to the vet for the correct diagnosis and treatment plan.

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