15 Yoga Poses That Will Change Your Body And Improve Your Mental Health

Practicing Yoga Regularly is known to improve your physical and mental health, so why not start doing it now to achieve not only a great physic but also a clear mind, get your sportwear on folks, because we’re about to do some of the best yoga poses to transform your body for the better !

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Here Are 15 Effective Yoga Poses :

#1 : The Downward-facing Dog

we’ll begin our yoga session with a downward-facing dog pose, so get on all fours , keeping your wrists below your shoulders and your knees under your hips, then tuck your toes under, press your hands into to floor and straighten your legs to bring your bum up towards the ceilling, we’re gonna hold this pose for 30 seconds. Ready ? let’s go !

#2 : Plank

Nothing can pump up the effectiveness of a workout like the plank cap so let’s do it !

Start by getting into a push up position, now place your forearms on the ground so that you elbows are right below your shoulders, make sure that your body forms a straight line from head to toe and that’s it , your plaking will put 30 seconds on the clock, go !!

the plank is actually one of the rare exercises that not only strengthen your core but also work your entire body, it can be pretty difficult to hold, but controlling your breathing is a nice little trick to make this exercise a little easier !

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