13 Bad Habits That Probably Harm You Without Realizing it

I’m guessing that nobody will argue that people tend to divide all habits into good and bad. But what if I tell you that some so-called “good” habits aren’t as useful as people like to think? And that drinking too much water can lead to poisoning, and brushing your teeth can damage them? In fact, everything you thought you knew is wrong

But here’s a List of Habits you might Want to Reconsider : 

#1 : Don’t brush your teeth right after a meal

Don’t brush your teeth right after a meal, especially if you were eating something acidic. It will damage your tooth enamel and lead to its erosion! Wait for at least half an hour before brushing your teeth. And if you munched on highly acidic stuff, for example, something spicy or salty, fresh juices, soda, or fast food, better wait even longer, for an hour or so. If you feel that you have to remove small pieces of food immediately, though, use an oral irrigator — it will help you without harming your teeth.

#2 : Avoid A Hot Shower !

A Hot Shower does more harm than good to your skin ! The hotter it is, the more it opens the pores. It results in your skin losing moisture alarmingly fast. Hot water also washes away all those oils that protect you. And then you get out of the shower and wonder why your skin is so dry and itchy! And since we’re talking about showers, using soap every day is another big no-no!It removes your skin’s protective layer of oil and makes it dry!

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