11 Effective Ways To Train Correctly Your Dog

Dogs are fun, but they also require a lot of work. There are many things your puppy needs to thrive; adequate training is one of the most important.

Puppy training can seem overwhelming. There is so much to learn for a new puppy. Don’t worry ! These tips can help you navigate puppy training so that your new pet will become a happy and healthy member of your family.

 Here Are 11 Steps To Train Your Dog :

#1 : Basic Obedience

Dogs are able to start working on basic obedience as soon as you bring them home. The tips and training commands help to provide a sense of structure and a set of rules essential for your puppy.

Use positive reinforcement to start working on basic dog training commands and soon your puppy will be able to sit, lie down and come in command. These basic commands will go a long way in helping your puppy become a well-behaved adult dog.

For more informations about Basic Obedience , we recommend to read this bookA Manual for Training Your Identification, Tracking and Detection Dog

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#2 : Positive Reinforcement

During training, dogs respond better to positive reinforcement than punishment. Punishment can stop unwanted behavior, but it doesn’t tell the puppy what you want it to actually do. Harsh punishment can even lead to behavioral problems such as fear or aggression. Positive reinforcement makes your puppy want to do more things than you want him to do.

It’s easy enough to convince your dog to repeat the behaviors you like by rewarding him with praise, delicacies and games. Ignore or redirect your puppy when he misbehaves and rewards good behavior. Soon, your puppy will offer good behavior on a regular basis.

Example of Positive Reinforcement :

  • Offer Treats : when your dog makes progress, reward him with Healthy Treats !
  • Show Satisfaction :  As soon as the dog follows your commands, say “yes” or “good“. Or, clap with your hands. and , give the dog a surprise. //  Repeat these steps several times .
  • Add a  positive signal : for example “smile, wave your hands or even jump”, as a sign of satisfaction towards your dog, it will help and encourage him a lot.

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