The Meaning Behind 20 Strangest Dog Behaviors

We know you really love your dogs but there are times when they behave in ways you don’t understand and sometimes your dog’s behavior may be amusing, embarrassing or just needs to be captured on video.

Here Are The 20 Weird Dog Behaviors And Their Explanations:

1. Why Dogs Dig

Dogs dig in your yard forseveral different reasons, they may be burying toys or bones to keep them protected from other predators, they may also dig to cool themselves off on a hot summer’s day, pregnant dogs may dig a hole as a nesting to make a home for her pups. but more often than not dogs dig to alleviate boredom or just for fun.

2. Sleeping On Your Clothes

If your dog sleeps on your clothes or in your bed, it means they love you, your clothing and bed have your scent on them and dogs always want to feel closer to you.

3. Why Dogs Yawn

Most people tend to think that a dog who yawns is tired, but that’s usually not the case, for dogs yawning is a form of communication, dogs yawned when they are feeling anxious, like when they’re in a new environment or are surrounded by other dogs, you will see this behavior more often in puppies when they are around unfamiliar dogs.

Dogs also yawn to signal that they are not a threat if an animal or person approaches, a dog may avert their gaze and yawn , it’s a dog’s way of saying that they feel threatened or anxious but that they are not going to attack dogs, using this type of body language is usually to avoid conflict.

Dogs may also yawn when scolded by a human or in other stress-inducing situations, yawning is also a way for dogs to curb their enthusiasm, For example : when you get out the leash to take them for a walk.

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