The Meaning Behind 20 Strangest Dog Behaviors

We know you really love your dogs but there are times when they behave in ways you don’t understand and sometimes your dog’s behavior may be amusing, embarrassing or just needs to be captured on video.

Here Are The 20 Weird Dog Behaviors And Their Explanations:

1. Why Dogs Dig

Dogs dig in your yard forseveral different reasons, they may be burying toys or bones to keep them protected from other predators, they may also dig to cool themselves off on a hot summer’s day, pregnant dogs may dig a hole as a nesting to make a home for her pups. but more often than not dogs dig to alleviate boredom or just for fun.

2. Rolling On Their Back In The Grass

Dogs roll in the grass for a lot of reasons, they could be scratching an itch or attempting to change their own body sense, what smells good to us may smell unpleasant to our dogs, for example : the smell of scented shampoos on dog’s fur may send them running outside to roll on the stinkiest thing , they can find another reason your dog may roll in the grass is to mark their territory or deposit their scent by rubbing their scent off on an area like a carpet or a new dog bed, They are marking it as theirs interestingly, enough rolling on grass is also an instinctual behavior. finally your dog may roll in the grass simply because it feels good.

3. Why Dogs Drag Their Butts On The Floor

This one isn’t so humorous and it shouldn’t be embarrassing, your dog dragging their bottom on the ground is also known as scooting and it’s almost always a sign that something is irritating your dog, like infection, inflammation or worms.
Dogs have anal sacks located on both sides of their rear end, that contain a foul fishy smelling liquid.

 These anal sacs can become blocked, inflamed or abscessed this is why dogs start scooting it is their attempt to relieve the pain and discomfort, your dog may also try to lick the affected area in order to feel better.

4. Why Dogs Lick You

Dogs may lick you for a lot of reasons, they may want to show you affection and love, or they may simply enjoy the taste of your salty skin. however your dog’s licking behavior could be part of its survival instinct too, it is believed by some that this licking behavior has been passed down in the dna causing dogs to instinctively do it , sometimes licking behavior gets reinforced by a person’s reactions like laughing, Smiling or petting your dog will feel rewarded and encouraged by any kind of attention.

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