12 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Cockroaches Permanently

Cockroaches are unsanitary and annoying pests that are unwelcome guests in any home. Everybody agree?

Okay. But the smelly and expensive pesticides out there on the market are just as unpleasant and unsafe ! So ditch the toxic chemicals, and try these 100% natural ways to keep roaches out of your house for good!

#1 : Know where and why infestations start

Before you go on the offense, you need to know where your target is, right? Infestations usually start in the kitchen, especially in those dark hard-to-clean spaces behind and under cabinets and appliances.

So make sure you keep your kitchen thoroughly cleaned before and after cooking and that no food is left out on the counters or spilled in the cabinets.

Roaches are attracted to garbage, meat, cheese, sugary foods, and grease. Keep that stuff out of their reach, and they shouldn’t show up in the first place. But in case they do, there’s always Ways to Get Rid of …

#2 : Bay Leaves

Cockroaches are repulsed by the smell! You probably already have bay leaves on hand, but if not, they’re easily found in any grocery store, as you can buy it from amazon ( click here to order ) , Try tucking them or leaving a clump in those hard-to-clean places. This method may take a lot of bay leaves and patience, but it’s a nice natural way to get rid of roachespacking.

#3 : Garlic or Cayenne Powder

On that note, there are plenty of spices with strong odors that repel roaches. You can use garlic or onion powder, and sprinkle it in and around their favorite hangout spots. You might even mix the two together for a super pungent repellant !

#4 : Lemons

Cut a lemon in half and squeeze it directly over your surfaces. You can also mix some lemon juice with a little water in a spray bottle in order to target those hard-to-reach areas that cockroaches love so much.

The lemon juice will effectively repel these pests, and your kitchen will smell amazing too ! An added bonus is that it’s also a natural disinfectant. That’s crucial since roaches carry a host of dangerous bacteria and viruses.

#5 : Vinegar with Peppermint Oil

Lots of insects can’t stand these two smells, roaches included. Just fill a medium-sized spray bottle with mostly vinegar, and add enough drops of peppermint essential oil so that you can smell it.

Give it a shake and get to spraying. Target your kitchen and bathroom, Get the corners of your floors, all the nooks and crannies, and roaches won’t come anywhere near your house !

#6 : Neem Oil

Neem Oil one keeps away a lot of insects and pests because it contains a certain chemical that’s poisonous to them. It’s found in many sprays and lotions, but pure neem oil will really do the trick.

Hey, you might have to spend a little extra cash, but it’s still cheaper than the exterminator ! You can mix it with water in a spray solution, or just sprinkle the powder form where need be.

#7 : Soap Solution

Find a soap that contains borax so that your solution packs an even better punch. Borax is a natural antiseptic and cleaner that’s used in powdered laundry detergents and disinfecting hand soaps.

Mix the soap with a little hot water and spread it thickly on your kitchen counters and near any infestation points. Cockroaches and similar pests breathe through the pores of their shells and skin, so when they start crawling around in this soap, the borax will get the job done.

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