The Meaning Behind 14 Strangest Cat Behaviors


Cats are unpredictable animals with complex body language, if you live with a cat you probably know that they exhibit some strange behaviors which peek out curiosity.

We Will Talk About 14 Strange Things Cats Do And Explain The Meaning Behind Them

#1 : Why Some Cats Hate Belly Rubs

some cats don’t like belly rubs because their stomach area is the most sensitive part of their body, their soft underbelly protects the most vital organs likewise studies have shown that the hair follicles on a cat’s stomach is hypersensitive to touch, so petting a cat’s belly can be very over stimulating.

#2 : Begging For Food But Not Eating It

Your cat may beg for food, give it some sniffs and walk away, this can indicate your cat’s desire for attention and love.

Recent studies from the university of vienna have shown that cats associate food with affection, to cats feeding them means loving them so if your cat needs some attention or love, they just ask for some snacks however if your cat has suddenly stopped showing interest in their favorite treat contact your vet a sudden loss of appetite could be a sign of a health issue

#3 : Why Your Cat Sleeps on Top of You

Cats may sleep on you for several different reasons : cats like temperatures of 20 degrees, higher than humans ideal temperature so when the ambient temperature is colder than this, your cat is going to look for a nice warm area to maintain their temperature and your body is a good source of heat.

Another reason that your cat sleeps on you, is because she wants to feel safe in the wild laying down or sleeping makes animals more vulnerable to predators, sleeping on top of a trusted human gives a cat a sense of security as well as comfort and warmth to sleep peacefully, cats also sleep on you to show you affection and love, while cats can be very independent they do miss you when you are gone from the home for a long period of time and will want to cuddle with you when you get back

#4 : Why Cats Pupils Dilate

in the wild cats take advantage of night’s darkness to hunt and protect themselves, by dilating their pupils cats allow even tiny amounts of light into their eyes so they can see better in the dark.

During the day cats contract their pupils depending on how bright it is, interestingly enough cats also use their eyes as part of a complex body language to communicate their mood and health, in general a cat’s pupils shouldn’t be round in shape if the ambient light is normal, but your cat’s pupils are dilated it can imply that your cat is not relaxed or is stimulated, your cat could be stressed, anxious, excited or inferior.

Cats also often have dilated pupils during their heat cycle in situations which produce enjoyment like when they’ve just eaten their favorite food, a cat’s pupils may dilate as a reflex, it’s important to remember that some health conditions have dilated pupils as a symptom.

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