13 Tips on How to Survive Wild Animal Attacks

13 Tips you should know to survive wild animal attacks

Many wild animals can be dangerous or even fatal for a person, if you look at the statistics you might feel terrified, sharks cause just 6 deaths a year their infamous reputation is very exaggerated, wolves are responsible for 10 deaths annually, Lions kill 22 people a year.

Now get ready “elephants cute lovely Giants” are the reason that more than 500 people lose their lives every year, hippopotamuses equal them in this scary competition, crocodiles turn out to be much more dangerous than sharks about 1000 deaths a year, but the champion here is the snake : one hundred thousand people meet their end, at the teeth of this reptile.

To prepare you for any situation you can find yourself in, we’ve gathered 13 ways that will save your life

13. Sharks

the good news is that out of a 150 species of sharks existing on earth? only 20 attack humans, most of them just don’t perceive you as food, so if not something tasty what good are you? Now down to the bad news, if a shark gets interested in you it will be tough to break away, to not attract sharks : prevent blood or urine from getting into the water, sharks can smell these at a distance of several miles, if you do meet face-to-face, don’t turn your back on this predator, especially don’t try to escape in a panic, you will look like prey this way. move slowly, if you have been caught aim at the eyes and gills, these zones are the most sensitive.

12. kangaroos

yes surprisingly a kangaroo can pose a threat to a person; however; it will only happen if you enter its territory and the animal feels danger.

to avoid a conflict do the following steps : cough, but your coughs should be short and quiet, the kangaroo will consider it a sign of a disease and most likely won’t attack you, slowly back away, this way you will look smaller therefore less dangerous, don’t turn away and run it will only provoke the animal, remember that kangaroos are perfect jumpers it will catch up with you in a few moments.

11. Lions

if you have encountered a lion :

  • Maintain eye contact, don’t turn your back and don’t move your eyes away, it will give the predator the time to attack.
  • Try to look more massive to create such an impression, lift your arms and jack it up, if you look big and threatening the animal will try to avoid the encounter.
  • Speak to the lion in a reasonably loud and confident voice, Making sounds and gesticulate.

Such a behavior isn’t typical for a victim this way, you will baffle the predator so it will perceive as an irritating presence which is better to stay away from.

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