25 Myths Your Parents Told You, But They’re False

here’s a list of myths that you believed once and true facts that you get wrong about :

#1. Head lice prefer dirty hair (Myth)

lice don’t really think about hair cleanliness, they simply need human hair to hang onto, whether it’s squeaky clean or greasier than a fryer, lice feed off of our scalps and the hairis just a place to hang out.

#2. The moon has a dark side (Myth)

Now the moon isn’t going to use the force to rule, our satellite is tidally locked with the earth meaning that we’re always looking at one side, but there’s no permanent dark side.

#3. We only have five senses (Myth)

there’s no right number some say 5, 7, 14, 24, or even 57, our most basic senses are actually sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch, but also movement, body position, temperature balance and the sense of our internal state like feeling your heart.

for example close your eyes and touch your nose that’s proprioception or body position.

#4. Oranges are always orange (Myth)

sweet oranges are a hybrid of tangerines and the pomelo with a bright green skin to help protect them from the sun, in warmer climates like southeast asia oranges are still a bright green.

#5. Diamonds aren’t a special gemstone (True)

while diamonds may be a great engagement rock, they’re not as rare, as we’ve been made to believe, advertising campaigns have made this very common rock something extraordinary, if you want something really rare painite gems will look beautiful and empty your wallet at the same time.

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