World’s RAREST Dog Breeds Ever !


From Ancient Royal Breeds to Wolf Dogs Here Are 12 of The Rarest Breeds on Earth

1. Thai Ridgeback

originating from Thailand, the Thai Ridgeback came to the United States in 1994, only about a thousand of them exist outside of Thailand, and only about a hundred are in the US , the ridgeback was originally bred as the guard dog and hunter, in Thailand they are prized for their loyalty.

Their name comes from the ridge of fur that grows in the opposite direction down their backs, they are one of only three breeds with this feature, their lack of popularity outside of Thailand, may come from their ferociously protective and territorial nature, they don’t get along well with other dogs than this properly trained.

They can also be intimidating, because of their muscular build, also their warm home climate means they don’t do well in cold weather.

2. The Azawakh

The Azawakh originated in the Sahara Desert from the Azawakh Valley, mostly the wandering Touareg people used them for hunting gazelles and other animals native to that region, they also make good guard dogs and valued companions, little else is known about their ancestry .

Their agility comes from their slender athletic build which allows them to move quickly and change direction suddenly, they are sighthounds which means they use their eyes to hunt, they love to chase anything that moves from bikes to running children, however, they are shy around humans, they don’t know and aren’t common outside the Sahara, their lack of popularity outside of the desert  isn’t only because of their shy standoffish nature, being bred in a hot dry climate makes them intolerant to cold weather, Their love of chasing anything in motion can also cause problems.

3. The Mudi

closely related to the Puli The Mudi is a Hungarian herding dog with long corded coat, the Mudi’s coat is also thick and curly but nowhere near as corded as the Puli, the seperation of mudi from Puli occurred in the 1930s, in fact although the Mudi is quite rare, its popularity is rising while the puli’s numbers are dwindling,

the Mudi have a strong herding instinct and a high energy level, they love outdoor activity and wide open spaces, their origins are not known, as they were discovered as a breed in the 1930s, at that time they were known in Hungary as the driver dog.

it’s possible to Mudi descents from a cross between Spitz dogs and herding dogs, the breed nearly disappeared when many were killed in World War two, the breed was rebuilt from the survivors.

4. Catahoula Leopard Dog

the Catahoula Leopard dog is a striking multicolored dog that originated in the United States, specifically Louisiana, its name comes from the Catahoula parish in Louisiana where it was first spread.

The Catahoula was created to deal with the problem of wild hogs over running the state, they are also called Catahoula hog dogs and Catahoula occurs.

this tough savvy dog may also be descended from massives, sighthounds Lutheran’s, and red wolves, an interesting feature of the dogs is their webbed feet, some webbing is common in dogs but in Catahoula Leopard Dog, the webbing extends further on the toes than normal.

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