The Meaning Behind 25 Strangest Dog Behaviors


We know you really love your dogs but there are times when they behave in ways you don’t understand and sometimes your dog’s behavior may be amusing, embarrassing or just needs to be captured on video.

Here Are The 25 Weird Dog Behaviors And Their Explanations:

1. Why Dogs Dig

Dogs dig in your yard forseveral different reasons, they may be burying toys or bones to keep them protected from other predators, they may also dig to cool themselves off on a hot summer’s day, pregnant dogs may dig a hole as a nesting to make a home for her pups. but more often than not dogs dig to alleviate boredom or just for fun.

2. Why Dogs Sleep With Open Eyes

some dogs sleep with partially open eyes, but make no mistake when a dog sleeps with open eyes, what you are actually seeing is their third eyelid rather than the surface of the eyeball

Dogs have a third eyelid that covers their eyeball, when they sleep this pink colored membrane sweeps away any dust or debris from the eyes, and keeps the eyeball moist when your dog is awake.

that membrane retracts to the inner corner of the eye, however you may still be able to see it from time to time.

some theories suggest that dogs evolve their third eyelid as a form of self-defense, sleeping while appearing to be awake tricks predators into thinking they’re still alert and ready to defend themselves.

3. Why Dogs Drag Their Butts On The Floor

This one isn’t so humorous and it shouldn’t be embarrassing, your dog dragging their bottom on the ground is also known as scooting and it’s almost always a sign that something is irritating your dog, like infection, inflammation or worms.
Dogs have anal sacks located on both sides of their rear end, that contain a foul fishy smelling liquid.

 These anal sacs can become blocked, inflamed or abscessed this is why dogs start scooting it is their attempt to relieve the pain and discomfort, your dog may also try to lick the affected area in order to feel better.

4. Why Dogs Kick Their Feet After Pooping

While it looks like your dog is trying to cover his urine and feces, but the real reason is : by scratching the floor your dog is releasing the pheromones that are in the scent glands of his feet.
This is the main way your dog marks its territory. Your dog wants the other dogs to know that this is his area and that he is an alpha dog.

While you believe your dog may be sniffing another dog’s poop, they are actually sniffing the pheromones another dog left behind of kicking dirt, which is a unique form of communication that your dog can use to communicate with another.

5. why dogs smell people’s crotches

dogs sniff people’s crotches for the same reasons they sniff each other’s bums, the crotch area has a certain type of sweat glands called apocrine glands, which produce chemicals that convey social information.

these chemicals are called pheromones, pheromones carry all sorts of information about the age health sex and mood of the individual, when dogs smell a person’s crotch they are trying to gain information about that person

interestingly enough people who have recently had sexual intercourse, seem to attract this kind of attention from dogs, women who are menstruating ovulating or have recently given birth will also find dogs smelling their groin area.

Likewise when a dog sniffs another dog’s behind, they are trying to gain information about the other dog.

Dogs have glands in their rear end that release chemicals that tell a lot to other dogs, unneutered male dogs are particularly known for being avid sniffers when searching for a mate because they want to know if a female is pregnant or ovulating

Dog communicates whether it senses danger or even informs it about its sexual availability.

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